RAU Cosmetics Starter Set Sensitive Skin - LARGE

RAU Cosmetics Pflege-Set für jugendliche/sensible Haut
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Content: 220 ml (SEK432.73 * / 100 ml)

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Skincare series consisting of:  RAU Silver Facial Washgel, 50 ml... more

Skincare series consisting of:

  •  RAU Silver Facial Washgel, 50 ml
  •  RAU Tonic alcohol-free, 200 ml
  •  RAU Sensitive Eye Cream, 15 ml
  •  RAU Sensitive 24h Cream, 50 ml
  •  RAU Enzympeeling, 50 ml
  •  RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask, 3 x 5 ml

Treatment Plan for Morning and Evening:

"RAU Silver Facial Washgel" :  Shake well before use in order to disperse the micor-fine silver. Lightly moisten your face and apply a small amount of "RAU Silver Facial Washgel" on your palms. Foam it up and massage it into your face for ca. 1 minute.  Rinse it off thoroughly and dry your face.

Apply some of our toner  "RAU Tonic alcohol-free"  on a cotton pad, cleanse your face and wait a few moments until it has been absorbed by skin.

Afterwards, apply a small amount of "RAU Sensitive Eye Cream" on the area around your eyes and gently pad it in.

Finally, spread 1-2 portions "RAU Sensitive 24h Cream" on your face and massage it in gently.

RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask:

Use our "RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask" once a week and treat your skin to a very special kind of beauty product. Wash and cleanse your face with toner like usually, then apply our "RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask". Apply a sufficient amount on your face, i.d. so much that your skin is only shining through slightly. Let it stay on for 10-20 minutes, any residue can be massaged into skin. As "RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask" can remain on your skin, it is not necessary to apply another face cream.

RAU Enzympeeling:

We recommend using our "RAU Enzympeeling" approx. every two weeks. Wash and cleanse your face with toner like usually. Then, apply a generous amount of the peeling on your face, avoiding the eyes. Depending on your skin condition, let it stay on for 10 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, rinse it off thoroughly and cleanse your skin with "RAU Tonic alcohol-free" one more time. Now, you can continue your beauty routine with our "RAU Beta Glucan Recovery Mask" as your skin is deeply cleansed and in a perfect state to absorb any subsequent nourishing ingredients. Alternatively, you can finish at this point by applying our "RAU Sensitive 24h Cream".

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