RAU AHA Forte Treatment Box

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RAU AHA Forte Treatment The effectivity range of RAU AHA Forte Treatment: -  ... more

RAU AHA Forte Treatment

The effectivity range of RAU AHA Forte Treatment:

-     exfoliates the thickened outer skin layer

-     accelerates the skin division process

-     improves the moisture household of the corneal layer

-     reduces pigmentation spots / age spots /freckles

-     reduces wrinkles and lines

-     boosts collagen as well as elastine production

-     stimulates energy supply to skin

Main active ingredients:

Salicylic /fruit acids, willow bark extract, urea, hyaluronic aicd, vitamin E, allantoin

RAU AHA Forte Treatment consists of perfectly combined products containing extremely high-dosed fruit acids, and was especially developed for beauty salons. This intensive treatment is aimed at skin that is very hornified, mature as well as affected by wrinkles and hyperpigemtation. 

Die Kurbehandlung besteht aus folgenden Produkten:

One bottle of RAU AHA Forte Pre – Ref-No. RC111-1 (pH value 4.0 - 5.0) for intensive cleansing and perfect absorption of subsequent active ingredients.

Two bottles of RAU AHA Forte Peel – Ref-No. RC111-2 (pH value ca. 3.9) with highly concentrated fruit as well as salicylic acids.

One bottle of RAU AHA Forte Post – Ref-No. RC111-3  (pH value 6.7 - 7.7) for the perfect removal of losened skin scales, for the neutralization of the skin and its preparation for the finishing product RAU AHA Forte Final.

One bottle of RAU AHA FINAL – Ref-No. RC111-4 (pH value 6.3 - 7.3), normalizes and calms skin.

This special intensive treatment with highly-concentrated fruit acids leads to the exfoliation of the thickened outer skin layer as well as the acceleration of the cell division process. It improves the moisture household of the corneal layer, brightens pigmentation spots, visibly reduces wrinkles and stimulates the energy supply to skin. The result is a rejuvenated, refreshed, firmer and more radiant skin appearance.

Tips for application:

According to skin condition, you can apply RAU White Tea Cream or RAU A Day Cream afterwards.



1. Cleansing

With RAU Cleansing Lotion 

2. RAU AHA Forte Pre 

Soak cotton pad with the contents of the bottle and cleanse face. This intensive cleansing perfectly prepares skin for absorbing subsequent active ingredients.

3. RAU AHA Forte Peel

Apply both concentrates to prepared skin. Avoid the eye and lip area (you might cover the eyes with cotton pads). Let stay on for approx. 20-30 minutes, according to skin type. During the exfoliation process, a tingling and/or warm skin sensation and/or skin redness may occur. Remove RAU AHA Forte Peel with a spatula. Take off residues with three or four cooling cotton pads, decreasing in temperature each time.

4. RAU AHA Forte Post

Apply RAU AHA Forte Post to a cotton pad in order to perfectly remove all losened skin scales. This way, skin is perfectly prepared for RAU AHA FINAL.


Now, you can cautiously apply this active ingredient emulsion. Please wait 20-30 minutes before applying make-up. In case of exposure to strong sun light, we recommend using sun screen. Alternatively, you can perform a rather short, gentle massage with  RAU White Tea Cream or RAU A Day after waiting only 10 minutes.

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